I met Ama at an event for National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women on December 6 if you don’t know what happened in 1989 in Montreal.  She comes from a heartbroken background, fighting against every nightmare to her as a young girl, a mother, a wife, for just being a woman. I approached her after the event wrapped up, asking if she’d like me to take some photos for her. Not that because she needed any help, but that I wanted to show that I heard her. 

Our photo shoot at her humble townhouse in Jane and Sheppard area was pleasant. I’m surprised to see how simple and nature this woman comes in front of my lighting and immediately radiates, without stylists and makeup. She quickly adds some colour on her lips and starts to look at my lens, rather looking through my lens and convey her spirits all the way through the photo shoot. 

I was very pleased with how photos came out. This is a completely volunteer work yet one of my best works I can look back and be proud of for years. 

And I realize, sometimes, low light is suitable for powerful persons. The story somehow comes out as well as blends into those soft low lights. Soft, but not sore.

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