My 73-year-old father was an eminent engineer specialized in diesel engine for giant ships in China. For my 40 years life, I know very little to none about his profession. Not even curious cause I thought I would do great in writing, becoming a novelist, or something in arts.

My parents have been living on their own since 2000 after both me and my sister settled in North America. An inconvenient truth hard to leave behind is that their health and independence to live a quality life are being threatened along with aging. Worse, we are often absent.

But my father does it well. During my short stay back home this month, I noticed he has invented a pulley wheels system to help him lift that damn 40-lb water jug.

“It amplifies your forces to 20 times greater,” my father said, passing the chains to Armando to proof it.

The least I can do was to document this magic moment and start to learn something from my parents. Never too late, never enough.

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